Wednesday, February 26, 2014

(but that is not the important part of the story)

herewith some images from the recent re-installment of the piece "but that is not the important part of the story", this piece was first exhibited during the 2013 lyon bienal, and now it is part of the show "ruffneck constructivists" at the ica in philly, the show was curated by my ex proff and ongoing mentor  kara walker. with the piece- in the images, you will also see parts of deana lawson's photographic works, and also lior shvil's sculpture.
although this is 'the same piece' that was exhibited in the lyon, it changed form a bit because of the space allocated for it- naturally- because in lyon the architecture of the MAC is different to that of the ICA...  also- reinstalling work always in someways changes some of the piece- but not the important part of it -i guess...

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