Wednesday, February 26, 2014

(but that is not the important part of the story)

herewith some images from the recent re-installment of the piece "but that is not the important part of the story", this piece was first exhibited during the 2013 lyon bienal, and now it is part of the show "ruffneck constructivists" at the ica in philly, the show was curated by my ex proff and ongoing mentor  kara walker. with the piece- in the images, you will also see parts of deana lawson's photographic works, and also lior shvil's sculpture.
although this is 'the same piece' that was exhibited in the lyon, it changed form a bit because of the space allocated for it- naturally- because in lyon the architecture of the MAC is different to that of the ICA...  also- reinstalling work always in someways changes some of the piece- but not the important part of it -i guess...

“objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” 2014,

Objects in the mirror may appear closer than they actually are…
Than they really are…

These objects are kind of arranged in a way implying the preparation of some event is to take place/ they are in preparation of an event that is to take place- or as though, these are the left over’s of/from (another) event
Or as though they are for a game…
A ritual…
Some event that has its own particular rules
Like in a church or a temple---as in a church or a temple- or an office- or the mac donalds, there are things arranged/ordered with a particular ‘sense’ in mind… objects arranged to perform their part in the whole story… to add symbolically or in actuality to the place/thing/event…. Chalices, candles, potplants….
There are sets of things… the sets of things arranged in groupings…
The logic of which is not clear… the logic refuses to form a clear/cohesive narrative
Or a sequential  subject, topic, subject matter, matter, thesis, argument, text, burden, concern, thrust, message; thread, motif, keynote.

Rock, string, fluff
Rock, space, irredescent, kaleidoscopic
Goldleaf, floor, lights, rocks
Feather light/rock hard
Light hosting, magic hosting, heaviness hosting, lighteness hosting,
‘Here’, ‘here’ and ‘there’
this and this together, that over there, this like this- this with that- over there- together this, between.. inbetween here
a pin
thing, a thin black cotton string holding  x
thin black thread strung around screws
thing ‘Here’, ‘here’ and ‘there’

iridescent paint flat on wall
cables, lights
something like a bird, some thing like something else that is familiar-
a place holder- almost this but not quiet it- a slight metaphor…
the wall mirrors the floor
bricks, feathers, rocks
rocks and bricks…
milk, petrol bomb, cool aid
iridescent : opalescent, nacreous; shimmering, luminous, glittering, sparkling, dazzling, shining, gleaming, glowing, lustrous, scintillating; kaleidoscopic, rainbow-colored, multicolored; literary glistering, coruscating, effulgent, scintillant.
followers, a gathering of symbols, gatherers
some bricks about to fly
a cloud flying low
Decoration, hold here, waiting in line for your name to be called your body shaking in disbelief
Rock : move to and fro, move back and forth, sway, seesaw; roll, pitch, plunge, toss, lurch, reel, list; wobble, oscillate, throw, unnerve, disconcert, be impressive; informal kick butt, blow one away, blow one's mind, rock one's world, be cool, be on fire. boulder, stone, pebble. foundation, cornerstone, support, prop, mainstay; tower of strength, bulwark, anchor. diamond, jewel, precious stone.
Some fans, wind, hole
Rocks, foil gum lace
“where every other becomes altogether other”
Temple, shrine, bookcase, memorial, memo
Order, template, test
 Pin point
Pinned there, note, referent, referential palace, palace
Cardilac, showroom, office, temple, house, window, glass

Body’s trace, hole, rest, whole, mountain
The stones are made from holding wet clay in the hand
Cupping the clay in hand, squishing clay in hand- it assumes/takes on the shape of the inside- making whole of the hole/cavity/nothing
(thereafter fired
The chewing gum- chewed, dried
The tin foil/ aluminium foil squished
(enters another shape, and it changes form…)
Screws, string, gold(leaf) , decoration, mirror,
Sets, things
Tape, clip, pin, tie, hold, press
Welcome mat, dressing room, iridescent…
Kaleidoscopic adjective
1 kaleidoscopic swirls in the puddles: multicolored, many-colored, multicolor, many-hued, variegated, particolored, varicolored, psychedelic, rainbow, polychromatic. ANTONYMS monochrome.
2 the kaleidoscopic political landscape: ever-changing, changeable, shifting, fluid, protean, variable, inconstant, fluctuating, unpredictable, impermanent. ANTONYMS fixed, constant.

Objects in the mirror may appear further than they are…
Convexity: The image on a convex mirror is always virtual (rays haven't actually passed through the image, their extensions do, like in a regular mirror), diminished (smaller), and upright. As the object gets closer to the mirror, the image gets larger, until reaching approximately the size of the object, when it touches the mirror. As the object moves away, the image diminishes in size and gets gradually closer to the focus, until it is reduced to a point in the focus when the object is at an infinite distance. These features make convex mirrors very useful: since everything appears smaller in the mirror, they cover a wider field of view than a normal plane mirror does. (from wiki)

“objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”

2014, 808 gallery, boston university gallery part of group show "lightning speed of the present" curated by lynne cooney