Monday, January 31, 2011

video 2

oh i have been feeling rather wierd about looking at the work posted as 'so sweet oh so sweet' and have been trying to figure out exactly why that just looks so heavy compared to the other work, there is something mournful about it,
i wonder if it is the colours: the peachy colour and the brown, could it have been the way i photographed it?
i'm still waiting for the museum to send their pics of is always best to include a budget for a professional photographer when drawing out the budget of a show or a work.
i still do not know the title for this yet... the black and white picture reminds me of apartheid, haha that is funny somewhat.
a waiting room of sorts... a set
a wall in construction
of what space i dunno...
something reminds me of spain, then the carribean.
this work is somewhat of a failure.
here and there...

but it is a time piece- like a video, except the frames are a little scattered and slow...

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