Tuesday, November 29, 2011

me remind me

Chat-Scat 2011, Screenprint, 660 x 505 mm
Editions for ArtThrob

my first editioned print made at caversham press in the midlands, kwazulu natal south africa.
so looking forward to some more prints!

Monday, September 19, 2011

di kopana ka merithi

Dineo seshee bopape was born in 1981 on a Sunday.
If she were ghanain, her name would be akosua/akos for short.

During the same year of her birth, the brixton riots took place ;Two people were injured when a bomb exploded in a Durban shopping centre; bobby sands dies; mtv is launched, the boeing 767 makes its first air flight, umkonto we sizwe performs numerous underground assault opperations against the apartheid state.
There was an earthquake in china that killed maybe 50people. hosni Mubarak elected president of Egypt. there is a coup d’etat in Ghana. Princess Diana of Britain married charles. bob Marley dies. Apartheid sa invaded Angola. AIDS is identified/created/named. Salman rushdie releases midnight’s children. In the region of her birth: Her paternal grandmother died. Julius malema is born. Millions of people cried. Millions of people laughed! The world’s population was apparently at around 4.529 billion.
bopape spent her youth in Limpopo in varying social situations. at 12 years of age: she began to follow a hunger for an elsewhere beginning with Durban-where she spent some years and studied painting +sculpture. She is a 2007 graduate of De Ateliers in Amsterdam and in May 2010 completed an MFA at Columbia University, New York. She was the winner of the 2008 MTN New Contemporaries Award, a 2010 Columbia University Toby Fund Award recepient. And She has shown her work in major +minor national and international exhibitions….
Other concurrent events of the year of her birth: and of her lifetime are perhaps too many to fully know.

Monday, May 9, 2011

(swearpiece)2005/ presented in 2011

this text is from my 2005 swear piece, this edit is the 2011 one... it is somewhat a performance piece...i showed it in johannesburg recently, as a text piece that crawled around the walls of the exhibition space...in vynil ... (images by anthea pokroy)
might be good on a toilet door....but that might be a lil 'shitty'...we'll see

who the fuck do you think you are-
you idiotic piece of horse shit
you fucking stinky piece of cat puke
i'm gonna take that there bucket of cat shit and donkey piss and spray it all over
your scrowny lil' skeleton of a body
gonna take that bucket of shit and put in in a blender and force it down your
chicken skin neck and shove it up those fucked up nostrils of yours-so you can
fucking choke up on it-
whilst the fucking rats eat away at your wispy hair SMEARED with that fucking
mouldy cream cheese the fucking flies have been hatching eggs in
you piece of ghekho ass licking shit.
you bastard!
you middle class piece of shit. you working class asshole with fucking bleeding
piles streaming out-
i'm gonna take that fucking small/scrowny/sausage of a dick of yours and fucking
skin that shit and fucking spray it with 20 fucking thousand habanero chillies
ha-ha-ha and watch you scream in fucking anguish-ha!-while i laugh.
haha -ha
and you think that that will be fucking sore-fuck you you ass hole you don't even
know what pain is-you fucking cockroach!-you are gonna know what it is when
i'm fucking finished with your moronic flat ass-ha!
i'm gonna take that fucking hot iron and ha!you thought you had no ass huh?well
i'm gonna give you a fucking no ass-you -you-you-
i'm gonna scorch that fucking ass of yours until the vultures can smell the burning
of your fucking nasty flesh- better yet wrap a truck tire around your shrunken
neck and your pregnant tummy
\ha and you think that that is fucking sore-you-you ass of a baboon.you fucking
malaria mosquito!
you'd wish you'd never laid your sleepless eyes on me after this you mother
fucker!you father fucker you brother fucker you fucking sister fucker you
pedeophiliac useless rat shit.
i'm poke you in the eyes with that fucking sewing needle you-HA!and i'm gonna
make those fucking wandering eyes of yours bleed you ass-hole!
BLEED YOU ASSHOLE! and you think that i am gonna do you a favour by doing
it fast-think again you fucking asshole!you never knew fucking pain till you met
die slowly you asshole-while your eyes bleed i'm gonna stuff maggets into your
fucking ears!
so they can eat you from the fucking inside-out you-LOOOSERRR!
and then i'll fucking soak you in that parafin-shove it down your fucking throat!
ha!and i will fucking laugh!ha!and smoke a FUCKING CIGARETTE on youbehalf-
you want a drag-huh-you wanna have a drag!ha!
you fucking asshole you -YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!--HAVE A FUCKING
i'm gonna watch you choke and bleed your worthless ass to a worthless death!

you'd be happy to after i have finished with you-and you think that that is fun-ha-
i'll chop up your dick and feed it to the pigs better yet: get that fucking bulterrier
to gnaw away at it- now how is that for a fehking good blow job huh?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

studio visit

intro>>>the artist in her studio/>>> pictures of the interior of my current studio->>>
images/pictures printed on ceramic mugs

Thursday, March 10, 2011

god dear 1 (box)

this was the box that carried/packaged the video "god dear 1"
it was a bathroom mirror closet...it looks fab here layed on the grass mirroring the sky...like a still from my video "they act as lovers: microwave cosmic background: so massive- that its decay opened the ultimate hole from which the universe"


Monday, January 31, 2011


long time no see... i kinda miss you darling
digital drawing/collage for mug and for slideshow

video 2

oh i have been feeling rather wierd about looking at the work posted as 'so sweet oh so sweet' and have been trying to figure out exactly why that was...it just looks so heavy compared to the other work, there is something mournful about it,
i wonder if it is the colours: the peachy colour and the brown, could it have been the way i photographed it?
i'm still waiting for the museum to send their pics of it...it is always best to include a budget for a professional photographer when drawing out the budget of a show or a work.
i still do not know the title for this yet... the black and white picture reminds me of apartheid, haha that is funny somewhat.
a waiting room of sorts... a set
a wall in construction
of what space i dunno...
something reminds me of spain, then the carribean.
this work is somewhat of a failure.
here and there...

but it is a time piece- like a video, except the frames are a little scattered and slow...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

from oct2010 artist statement


I work in various mediums from video, to installation, to sculpture and performative situations...
My work engages the poetics of the performative (cultural) object. I indulge in the poetic elasticity & materiality of things (objects, space, event, memory, time...).

The object-based installations exist in a site ephemerally,
performing as temporal situations. (Perhaps sites inwhich a proposed event is to happen/or not)
together with the videos, they collectively produce a site for a (semi contained) disrupted narrative, an orchestreal discord of small stories performing as poems or fragments of a language, sites of memory that are continuously dismantled.

these sites recall other things/events/ stories/situations relating to their function and place within the everyday or in language....(as with the birds&flowers in …microwave cosmic… video [included in the package]: in English slang, women are sometimes referred to as birds or flowers and as ‘sweet’).

Yet central to the character of the proposed narrative/sites is a thing that cannot really be accounted for. Perhaps a time lapse…

A feeling resulting from some type of affectation, the application of some ‘special’ effect(s)-(decorative icing), perfume, something in excess (which could also be a lack)...as with the spatial relations between objects or that between image and sound within particular video frames.

One of my primary concerns is how to tell a story, how to de/re/construct a story...how to tell an old story anew. How to forget, and how to remember. There is ‘nothing’ really…a vacuum that one has to account for. It is a situation over saturated with ‘it’. A memory erased, or in the process of being erased or reshuffled…as in/post a traumatic situation: When ‘sense’ is somewhat distorted and there emerges some holes (spaces of ‘nothing’, [and things that mean nothing: that fail to occupy a space with in the visible/sensible.).

I am interested in video time and in some sort of a decay of a linearity-

There is something about mediation and artifice, things acting as things/things acting as props around which multiple stories dance/and are entangled. There is also something about ‘things’ becoming motifs or masks of themselves- like flower prints on a piece of fabric/lace… a certain type of virtual life/space…that I am fond of exploring further,

Something about video space, which I have ‘begun’ to explore in my last show “long live the immaterial…effect no.55” (in reference to Yves Klein) the blue has become something I have been interested in, - the blue of the sky, the blue of the bluescreen-a space in which anything can be projected, the blue of church uniforms….bluescreening/green screening, masking, saturating…editing.

I have also been thinking of ideas of the ideal, the politics of aesthetics: afro diasporic aesthetics: those of various classes: within Africa or globally, a politic of taste (?), the use of stock images of our global culture(s)- i.e. Sunsets, nature’s beauty, love, the family, the hero, the history, the icon, the self, the collective cultural archive, motifs, pattern(s), mediation and representation. I am interested I pursuing these thoughts further through my work. But my primary concern I’d say is the question of representation.