Tuesday, September 21, 2010

long live the immaterial...effect no.55

mugs are printed with the image of the big flower that is on the wall(on the left)

the blue thing next to the tinsel is a photograph of the sky, but in this photograph, it is not so clear-it just reflects the sky

there is a tissue box that has an image of blue skies+white clouds printed on it, the flowers are not artificial(?)...that fabric is so haitian...haitian vodoo goddess

the skirting is made of some type of white satin fabric which has been gathered at the top...on the green platform are birds(bought from the store)(artificial birds:made of some type of clay/ceramic+plastic)...there are also tissue boxes that have blue skies printed on them...

the tv screen is blue.
there are 2 glasses of blue liquid on the platform
at the back are pics of flowers with magazine cutouts of skies pasted next to each image...
show held at mart house gallery
images courtesy of artist and marthouse