Thursday, September 18, 2008

grassgreen/sky blue

"grass green/sky blue (because you stood in the highest court in the land and insisted on your humanity)"

dedicated to "nkanyezi"/"khwezi"-who in 2006 stood in the High court and defended hers- and in so doing-other's humanity also.

materials: video w surround sound over the grass stage in the middle...the video was of grass blowing (i will test my skills and upload a clip of the video here sometime...)
the sound was of the camera running/going through the grass, birds passing, the wind...
other materials used were magazine pics collected from garden and home and other magazines that feature people's private gardens and also public parks and landscapes....
an also pictures of beautiful blue skies....taken also from gardening magazines, news papers, books etc.
i also used silver tape, masking tape, etc. to paste the pics on the wall
vynil prints-of chocolates, of lions in some bush veld or other.....
price bonanza boards, wrapping papers, 2 plastic bags, faux grass( a special green carpet that alludes to grass) a stage, skirting made of fabrics with patterns....disco lights, collander...a panga...shelf, balloons, light bulbs, sound, faux flowers...plastic sheets....dangling glass grapes

"grass green/sky blue..." is the winning installation for the MTN New Contemporary Award 2008, was installed at the university of johannesburg gallery in july/august 2008