Friday, July 25, 2008

non in mind...fictions unending, dreamweaver and other stories

invitation card(photographed by moshekwa langa)

falls the sun/shines the rain 2007
at marthouse gallery, amsterdam

plug in/plug out,2007
materials: found coat hanger, wool, fake fur,knives,lights, blush brush..on a yellow cushion

" falls the sun,shines the rain"... going through to the floating cloud and a drawing installation "where is the love..." at the back of the gallery

" itchy fairy"2007 with "you are protable" 2007
("itchy fairy" made up carpet,'table' sculpture with lights, sacks,and faux fur cuffs)

you are protable, photograph/print 2007 (photographed by victor ekpuk)

falls the sun/shines the rain

"where is the love...", drawing installation

"under all means necessary" 2006/7 video projected on gallery wall

"non in mind...fictions unending, dreamweaverr and other stories", september 2007, marthouse gallery amsterdam

gallery installation-drawings, objects, videos that all exist as separate pieces too-ooo-ooo-o

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h said...

Hi there, actually I don't want to add a comment... i find it just a way to contact you. my name is Hamed Aghaii and I am an Iranian painter, almost as old as you. I want to apply for a two year work in de-ateliers in Amesterdam, just as you did. and I found your name in their site. I wonder if we can share some ideas and experiences relating to this matter and maybe for future cooperations as artists... I give you my email ( in case you were interested in such a the way, as I have found out, we have a lot in common regarding films and attitude toward art....I'll be really glad and grateful to hear from you...