Friday, July 25, 2008

IT'S A CELEBRATION, and you are inivted...


me: sorry my actors arrived
i had to go
but now going to pee
Gabi: ohh, usuyi director manje?
20:44 me: yebo beybi
ngi ya buya
ngi ya toilet
Gabi: ok
20:45 bekumnandi?
20:47 uyakaka yini?
me: yebo
be ke kaka
20:48 so my actors will be acting out a conversation that had happened between X and i whilst we were still a couple
20:49 it is scripted
Gabi: ooooooooooooooook
art imitates life
me: es
translated from virtual life
20:50 "i" am a man
Gabi: ja, tell mo
me: the person performing as me is a man
which is interesting
and X is being performed by a white woman
20:51 Gabi: hayi bo!
me: they will be 'invisible'
performing 'normal'
staging a fight
Gabi: a fight that happened?
20:52 me: yes
but also inbetween,
repeating a conversation that they had
when they met each other
the real actors
as themselves
so they will be re-performing themselves
again and again
20:53 amnesiacly
Gabi: you making a film or performance?
me: performance and film
i recorded the first reading
of the script
so that will be played
on sunday at the opening
20:54 whilst they are 'invisibly' performing
Gabi: how do you see the work? film or performance or both?
me: performance
Gabi: ok
20:55 me: i am excited...!
the first reading was really funny because they had not been briefed about the context

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