Friday, July 18, 2008

it's acelebration cont.

" special being of the light" 2008
gloss enamel, acrylic,crayon, oilstick, glitter, paper, on board

" love,sex and money honey",2008
gloss enamel, acrylic, on paper, on board

"travelling light", 2008
gloss enamel,oil stick,acrylic,spray paint on paper on board

"and yes baby,i'm cosmic", 2008
gloss enamel paint, glitter stars,crayon,oilstick on board

"all of your demons will wither away" 2008
gloss enamel paint,oil stick,acrylic paint on board

"aaah" ,2008
enamel paint, and oil stick on wood/board

" eternal springtime..." 2008, installation detail


sponge,foil,photo,spray paint

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