Friday, July 25, 2008

non in mind...fictions unending, dreamweaver and other stories

invitation card(photographed by moshekwa langa)

falls the sun/shines the rain 2007
at marthouse gallery, amsterdam

plug in/plug out,2007
materials: found coat hanger, wool, fake fur,knives,lights, blush brush..on a yellow cushion

" falls the sun,shines the rain"... going through to the floating cloud and a drawing installation "where is the love..." at the back of the gallery

" itchy fairy"2007 with "you are protable" 2007
("itchy fairy" made up carpet,'table' sculpture with lights, sacks,and faux fur cuffs)

you are protable, photograph/print 2007 (photographed by victor ekpuk)

falls the sun/shines the rain

"where is the love...", drawing installation

"under all means necessary" 2006/7 video projected on gallery wall

"non in mind...fictions unending, dreamweaverr and other stories", september 2007, marthouse gallery amsterdam

gallery installation-drawings, objects, videos that all exist as separate pieces too-ooo-ooo-o


from "where every other is altogether other" site specific installation 2007 at deAteliers, amsterdam

materials: tube light, umbrella, old tshirt, umbrella frame, table lamp, ladies stockings,rope

arti bitchi....pijnakker/painaccre

"arti bitchi" 2008, in the basement of the papesse, in siena

materials: house hold knives, chiffon threads/string, tube light attached to wooden beam that sags in the middle, 1/2 circle grass green carpet, hallogen lamps,

courtesy Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena
ph. Ela Bialkowska

IT'S A CELEBRATION, and you are inivted...


me: sorry my actors arrived
i had to go
but now going to pee
Gabi: ohh, usuyi director manje?
20:44 me: yebo beybi
ngi ya buya
ngi ya toilet
Gabi: ok
20:45 bekumnandi?
20:47 uyakaka yini?
me: yebo
be ke kaka
20:48 so my actors will be acting out a conversation that had happened between X and i whilst we were still a couple
20:49 it is scripted
Gabi: ooooooooooooooook
art imitates life
me: es
translated from virtual life
20:50 "i" am a man
Gabi: ja, tell mo
me: the person performing as me is a man
which is interesting
and X is being performed by a white woman
20:51 Gabi: hayi bo!
me: they will be 'invisible'
performing 'normal'
staging a fight
Gabi: a fight that happened?
20:52 me: yes
but also inbetween,
repeating a conversation that they had
when they met each other
the real actors
as themselves
so they will be re-performing themselves
again and again
20:53 amnesiacly
Gabi: you making a film or performance?
me: performance and film
i recorded the first reading
of the script
so that will be played
on sunday at the opening
20:54 whilst they are 'invisibly' performing
Gabi: how do you see the work? film or performance or both?
me: performance
Gabi: ok
20:55 me: i am excited...!
the first reading was really funny because they had not been briefed about the context

"it's a celebration bitches"-conversation : dineo bopape & simmi dullay via gchat

1:54 simmi: hmmm...very confusing
i cant understand most of it

21:55 me: okay, so 2 actors will be performing a conersation that X and i had whilst we were together
a fight
that happened via email/chat
simmi: ya got that
me: and they will be doing this performance without announcing it
and will seek a witness
21:56 at the openning to perform it for
simmi: from audience?
me: yes
so they will appear like part of the people coming to see the work/shw
21:57 but they will be performing this email conv/fight
simmi: its a juxtaposition of reality versus the staged versus the virtual
me: and then they will be meeting each other over and over again
simmi: aha!
me: so the performance of a real relationshin
and the performative things that happen in relationships
simmi: yes
me: and them also having to perform themselves
staging their meeting
staging the first conversation that happened between them
21:59 simmi: was their meeting?
me: when they first met today in my apt
nothing special
simmi: oh
me: just both excited about meeting another actor so curious about things they had done b4

simmi: ok
22:00 me: asking each other questing that would reveal more about themselves to each other
simmi: but the audience will be kept in the dark
me: yes
simmi: as the performance will be intergrated in the moment
me: but they will keep on seing the coupl e being in the same fight over and over again
so that may be a clue
22:01 simmi: yes...i thought of that
r u part of performing?

me: and there is a monitor which will play outside
of their first reading of the script
yes and no
i will not be iterracting w them
simmi: cool
22:02 its a deconstruction of a performance
me: yes
that sounds col
22:03 i think the actual work happened at the time of the rehearsal of the performance
simmi: though ambivilant or works within the possibility of duality contained in every source/concept

me: the taping of the first reading
22:04 the duality between:real and virtual/past/present/
22:05 simmi: no i mean that although its a deconstruction of perfomance
the performance branches out into the audience and continues to reinvent it self
me: yes
22:06 it reinvens itself
i guess for the audience
but for the performers,
it is
simmi: also the repetition or mirroring and its existance being played out on various stages of communication
me: something else but i dunno what
simmi: simultaniously
22:07 me: the mirror-ing
simmi: very bloody complex and deep
me: yes yes yes
i am having a cosmic orgasm now
simmi: u sooo lovely and crazy
22:08 well i should have written ur review
it could be quite funny to write the review with out seing it
me: oh please do
on phoe
simmi: within context to how energy reverbrates
22:12 or how things exist within consciousness
19 minutes
22:31 me: hey sorry simms
22:32 i'm back on
hey i would love for you to do a review on it!
and i think it would be interesting because you would not have been at the performance
22:33 how would that work
it would be interesting to do a video podcast of it

Thursday, July 24, 2008